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We are Mapeks!

Discover Our Organic Products

An organic journey

that extends to the world

As a unique player in the global organic market,
we meet all needs with our organic
frozen fruits and vegetables.

What Makes Us Unique?

We are group of Companies, Growing, Processing and
Exporting Conventional and Organic Food products since 1987.

100% Organic Agriculture


Over 30 Years of Experience


Superior Quality

Fast Delivery


Our Products

As Mapeks, we offer a fruit and vegetable portfolio full of vitamins, where you can catch the freshness of the first day in the fields in all seasons.

Discover Our High Quality
Organic Products

23,000 tons cold storage capacity

Export to more than 80 countries

Organic agriculture with advanced technologies

Mapeks Organics shows its expertise in its products of the utmost quality, innovative ideas and product development. It exports to countries all around the world, especially to the US, Japan and European countries. It prioritizes food security standards, food hygiene and quality throughout the journey that starts in the field and ends with the end consumer. Mapeks Organics quality is known under different brand names and cherished in almost all the supermarkets in various countries. Moreover, it has various packaging options in its repertoire to protect frozen fruits and vegetables and deliver them to its customers in a perfect condition. With TOMRA’s Blizzard optical sorting machines, Mapeks Organics focuses on efficient production.

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