Organic Agriculture

As Mapeks Organics, we work according to regulations (Organic agriculture law no. 5262 dated 01/12/2004 and related regulations and -EU No:834/2007 and EC No:889/2008, US NOP (National Organic Program 7 Section 205.) and JAS equivalent -EU standards). All products by Mapeks Organics meet these standards. The strict requirements for the farming plan, high standards of farm management and the independent audit and certification by Bioinspecta, which is our Control Institution, guarantees the end product is grown with care and processed according to the conditions to be deemed organic.

Our raw materials are produced in locations close to our processing facility, within the scope of contractual organic projects. Organic farmers who participate in our project receive support throughout the year from our big and experienced team of agricultural engineers. There is a responsible agricultural engineer in each production area, and regular trainings are organized by our agricultural engineers throughout the year. In addition, Agricultural Engineers provide technical support to the farmer and provide information on the use of organic inputs if needed. Mapeks Organics is a company dedicated to the promotion of organic farming, supporting the farmers who are just starting out growing organically. In order to ensure organic integrity, our Agricultural Engineers monitor our contracted farmers in cooperation with our organic certification body and provide consultancy to our farmers.

We are dedicated in providing our customers and stakeholders with the opportunity to trace all of our products back to their resources. In addition to considering the traceability of organic farming as a must, as Mapeks Organics, we also believe that this is an important management tool which helps to define all of our processes and products, trace and control them. The aforementioned process starts with Farmer Coding and continues with End Product Lot Coding as the last step. All processes regarding our organic products, starting from the moment of sowing and ending with products reaching the end consumer are observed by our team.  


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