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The majority of Türkiye’s sunny and fertile lands, where the most delicious varieties of fruit and vegetables are grown, are located in Anatolia (Asia Minor). These lands are encircled by the Mediterranean Sea (to the South), the Aegean Sea (to the West), and the Black Sea (to the North). These regions, which were home to ancient civilizations, are located in this country which forms a natural bridge connecting Asia and Europe.

With over 2 decades of its’ experience Mapeks’ facilities, which are equipped with the state-of-the-art technology and located in Afyon, Uşak, Bilecik and Malatya, label it as a leading producer of organic and conventional fruit and vegetables and as a leading constant supplier to customers around the world.

Mapeks’ organic raw materials are selected through contracts with producers (farms) located nearby Mapeks’ processing sites, while being supervised by our team of agricultural engineers who also provide proper consultation to supplier farmers. Applying advanced technology, raw material are processed by Mapeks on the very day they are harvested in order to preserve their quality and nutritional properties. Locations of our factories to fruit and vegetables plantations is an asset as they enable obtaining fresh products from farmers to Mapeks’ processing. Mapeks makes use of both its on-site laboratories and collaborations with external Turkish and international laboratories to examine raw material as well as end products and provide quality control. Selected farm products are certified “Organic”, as per the EEG regulation 889/08, certified “JAS” as per MAFF for the Japanese market, and certified as per USDA NOP for North American markets.

Mapeks is Türkiye’s most important representative for the production and export of strawberries, which brings consumers a variety of organic IQF strawberries selected from local fertile 500 hectare plantations which provide 15000 tons of final products.

In addition to strawberries, Mapeks produces a substantial amount of organic sweet or sour cherries, apricot, peaches, raspberries, blackberries, broccoli, spinach, cauliflower and kale. At Mapeks, thus, we provide world-class products aiming at further contributing to our success by increasing our international customer base, business affiliates and long-term partnerships who all have confidence in and high satisfaction with our business efficiency. Mapeks is determined to bring you the best quality products whenever and wherever needed at a fair value.

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